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Laser Vein & Spot Removal

Our advanced lasers treat vascular lesions such as telangiectasias, cherry angiomas, spider veins, rosacea, as well as pigmented lesions like brown spots, age spots and freckles. Results are often dramatic and visible 2-4 weeks after treatment with little side effects. Some patients only require a single treatment while others require multiple treatments for best results.

Westside Dermatology uses the Iridex Varilite Laser for Vein and Spot Removal. This highly advanced laser treats a wide range of lesions, including:

Vascular Lesions

Facial Telangiectasia - surface veins caused by dilation of capillary vessels or arterioles.

Cherry Angiomas - slightly raised, red lesions.

Spider Angiomas - slightly raised, red spider-like lesions.

Scar Neovascularization - redness that may appear around a scar.

Rosacea - red facial lesions around the nose and cheeks causing a sunburn look.

Spider Veins - small, superficial purple or red veins stretching a web under the skin, often appearing on legs.

Pigmented Lesions

Lentigines - flat, brown spots on the skin: present on skin with frequent sun exposure
Freckles - brown spots on the skin; common on people with fair skin.

Dermatosis Paulosis Nigra - small black raised lesions seen primarily on people of Asian or African descent.

Laser Vein & Spot Removal Before & After Gallery

Common Questions About Botox

Q: How does a laser remove the discoloration caused by veins & other spots?
A: A laser generates an intense beam of light that selectively targets a treatment site. The laser light is absorbed by bright red blood cells that carry oxygen, as well as melanin, the black or brown pigmentation on the skin. The laser causes decomposition and/or destruction by heat of the unwanted cells while leaving health cells intact.

Q: What should I expect during treatment?
A: Treatments vary depending on the area being treated. Prior to your first treatment we will develop a treatment plan with you outlining how many sessions you may need and what you can expect during those treatments. Most treatment sessions take between 10 and 15 minutes.

Q: Doe Laser Vein & Spot removal hurt?
A: Depending on the area being treated some patients do experience some slight discomfort. We provide a topical numbing gel to reduce any discomfort that might be experienced by the laser.

Q: How much does Laser Vein & Spot Removal cost?
A: Because everyone's vascular lesions differ, use the ranges below as a guide. The exact price of your treatment will be determined during your consultation with one of our providers.

Spot $150
Face $350
Extensive Face $450

Q: Who provides Laser Vein & Spot Removal?
A: Dr. Kelli Arntzen provides Laser Vein & Spot Removal.

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