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Laser Hair Removal

High performance laser hair removal terminates the existing hair and stops the hair follicle’s ability to produce new growth. Laser hair removal can be performed on most areas of the body. Six treatments are recommended for best results.

Permanent Hair Reduction
No Downtime
Proven Results
Treats Broad Range Of Skin Types
Minimal and Brief Discomfort

Westside Dermatology uses the Palomar Vectus, the most advanced laser hair removal laser available today. The Vectus laser uses optimized technology to deliver fast, uniform, permanent hair reduction for the widest range of skin and hair types - without sacrificing comfort.

Laser Hair Removal Before& After Gallery

Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

Q: How many Laser Hair Removal treatments will I need?
A: Depending on the area, you will require at least three treatments to see a significant reduction in hair growth. We recommend six treatments for optimal results.

Q: How long do results last?
A: By permanent we mean PERMANENT. Scientific studies show that the use of targeted, light-based energy destroys hair follicles at the cellular level. A permanent reduction in the number of growing hairs is usually achieved following each treatment.

Q: What can I expect during and after treatment?
A: Discomfort during the treatment is often described as a slight tingling or a pinch similar to that of a rubber band. Topical anesthesia can be used when treating sensitive areas of the body. After treatment the skin may feel as if it is slightly sunburned.

Q: How much does Laser Hair Removal cost?
A: Laser Hair Removal treatments can be purchased individually or in packs of six.

Lip or Chin $100 or $450 for six
Lip & Chin $150 or $675 for six
Beard $175 or $788 for six
Full Face $200 or $900 for six
Neck (Front or Back) $150 or $675 for six
Neck (Front & Back) $225 or $1,012 for six
Neck & Beard $225 or $1,148 for six
Ears $75 or $337 for six
Chest $350 or $1,575 for six
Chest & Abdominal $475 or $2,138 for six
Abdominal $250 or $1,125 for six
Navel $100 or $450 for six
Areolas $75 or $337 for six
Shoulders $150 or $675 for six
Upper Back $350 or $1,575 for six
Lower Back $250 or $1,125 for six
Full Back $475 or $2,138 for six
Underarms $190 or $855 for six
Forearms $200 or $900 for six
Full Arms $250 or $1,125 for six
Bikini Line $190 or $855 for six
Extended Bikini $225 or $1,012 for six
Brazilian Bikini $250 or $1,125 for six
Half Legs $350 or $1,575 for six
Full Legs $525 or $2,360 for six
Toes $75 or $337 for six

Q: Who provides Laser Hair Removal?
A: Haley Peterson provides Laser Hair Removal.

Q: Are you offering any specials on Laser Hair Removal right now?
A: Visit our promotions page for the latest specials on this and all our services and products.


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